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2018-2019 Annual Campaign Donors

Thank you to our supporters who have made gifts to SSCV during the 2018-2019 season running May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019.

Legacy $50,000+


Alpine Bank

Anne C. Kubik and Michael A. Krupka

The Leever Family

The Lemley Family

Les Streeter Group

Diamond $25,000+

The Borgen Family Foundation

The Forrest C. & Frances H. Lattner Family Foundation

Platinum $10,000+

​Sarah and Brad Cohn

Anne-Marie and John Keane

Sarah and Peter Millett

Kaia and Misha Moritz

The Gina Sege Family Fund

The Thomas Family

Vail Valley Surgery Center

Gold $5,000+

​The Andrie Family

Rebecca and Glenn Davis

The Donohue Family Foundation

Jane and Matt Donovan

Gritt and Bill Fleischer

Laura and Richard Grondin

Randi Borgen and Charlie Holmes

The Hoyt Family

Brenda and Jeff Kirwood

Skip Leever

Kenneth Lubin

The Maffei Family Foundation

The Mantz Foundation

Susan and Pete Neidecker

The Ruth and Vernon Taylor Foundation

Silver $2,500+

Active Energies Solar

Lisa and Sam Anderson

The Arrigoni Family

Molly and Steve Avery

Rachel and Simon Bachleda

Kelli and Jeff Bailey

Stacey and Chris Birtwhistle

Janelle and Buck Blessing

Brooke and Jon-Erik Borgen

The Boyes Family

Alessandro Cantele

Kristen and Brady Dolsen

Dana and Barry Dorfman

The Douglas Family

Robin and Kirk Dwyer

Jennifer and Tom Ebner

Esther and Bruno Edelmann

Lindsay and Andrew Erickson

Stacey Frieder

Sharie and Travis Grant

Kimberly and Jon Hauser

Julie and Craig Heaydon

Stephanie and Jake Henry

Steve Jemison

Colleen Prince and Jeffrey Judd

Rebecca and Stephen Laird

Christina and Josh Lautenberg

Faith and Daniel Leonard

Melissa and Jeff Lewis

Vanessa and John Lyons

Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa

Dr. Monica McDonald

Hagit and Omen Mei-Dan

Tina and Rob Milligan

Kathy and Jason Napoli

The Olsen Family

Amy and Johnathan Owens

Angel and Kyle Packer

Catherine and David Phillips

The Powell Family

Wendy and Paul Raether

Kerry and Justin Roach

Sheilagh and Lee Roufa

Amy and Craig Roberts

Chelle and Bill Schane

The Seabury Family

The Sharfstein Family

Jenifer and Russ Shay

Cathy and Scott Soden

Gina and Steve Spessard

Dr. Bill Sterett

Brielle and Tye Stockton

The Strauch Family

Dee and Don Swatik

Kristin Tang

Heidi and Mike Trueblood

Kelly and Scott Valent

Cynthia and Todd Wallis

Allison Krausen and Kyle Webb

Erika and Jim White


Bronze $1,500+

​Suzi and Mike Bailey

Betsy and Mike Cuthbertson

Susan and John Dobbs

Courtney and Matthew Ferer

Ellen and Mark Geldbaugh

Louise and Phil Hoversten

Maria and Steve Kalapos

Cornelia and Donald Kraft

Liz Leeds

Tina Nielsen and Andy Littman

River Radamus

Shelly and Steve Shanley

Stacey Truitt


Foundation $1,000+

​Sandy and John Black

The Cavataio Family

Laura and William Frick

The Greenblatt Family

Valerie and Robert Gwyn

Bethany and Jonathan Haerter

Jen and John Hale

Vera and John Hathaway

Deborah Wittman and Rik Heid

Jan and Marc Hoskins

Ami and Scott Hudgins

Alexia Jurshack

June and Peter Kalkus

The Leseur Family

Matterhood Inc

Ferrell and Chi McClean

Hillary and Steve McSpadden

The Parker Family

Anne and Chris Wiedenmayer


Grassroots $500+

Cathy and Bill Bethke

The Brogden Family

The Carr Family

The Clery Family

Ali and John Fallon

The Guillot Family

Linda and Wyatt Hall

Christie and Karl Hochtl

Michael Imperi

The LaBaugh Family

Christine and Turner Lisle

Ian Lochhead

Gabriel Masfen-Yan

The Schaatt Family

Judeann and Richard Warner

John Weiss


Friend $250+

​Brett Borgard

The Bruce Family

Elana Chase

The Cole Family

Doris Clinton-Gobec Fund

Mickie Eggebrecht

The Epifanio Family

Cory and Sean Glackin

Sandy and Dick Hall

Julie and Gary Herr

Michele and Bob Hill

The Hopkins Family

Carol and TJ Johnson

Drs. Colleen D. Murphy and Peter T. Kennealey

Lathram Financial Group

The Malboeuf Family

Trudy and Robert Matarese

The McGinley Family

Beverly Morse

Chris Ogilvie

Urska and Jaka Rabic-Bevc

Kristina Revello

The Saunders Family

Steve Sherick

Tiffany Stewart

The Stocker Family

Tiffany Hoversten and Dan Stripp

Brad Williams

Viktoria Zaytseva

The Zurbay Family


Gifts up to $249



Patricia Anderson - Family of Jack Ganley

Heather and Dave Bacon

Rob Bak

Brenda and Eric Barr

Ronnie Barr

Leah Baxter

The Bervy Family

The Blakslee Family

Jared Bolton

Riley Campbell

Nancy and John Cole

Will Colt

Lily Connelly

Nick Courtens

Alan Crocker

Paige Damiano

Kari Corbin and Mike DeMino

Elizabeth Depew

Kathy and William DesPortes

Dr. Fred Distelhorst

Patrick Duran

Brian Eggleton

Laura and Peter Frieder

Kelly and Patrick Ganley

Ziggy Gosiewski

Stephen Gunther

Alex Gutmann

Justin Holder

Christine Holmberg

Donna and Paul Jacques

PJ Jenick

Amber Bailey and Steven Kelso

The Kohlhofer Family

The Kust Family

Max Lamb

Amy Minnick and Roy Lapidus

Anne M Larsen Insurance Agency, Inc

Terry and Jean Laverty

Casey Lehmicke

James Leonard

Ian Liphard

Abigail Louks

The Macaluso Family

Matty Marks

Simon Marsh

Emily Martino

Elizabeth McDonald

The Meyers Family

The Minnick Family

Colleen and Geoff Mintz

Mark Nesline

Betsy and Dirk Nevin

Nancy Nottingham

Outdoor DIVAS

Jenna and Eric Palmiter

YiaYia & Papou

The Perkins Family

Gus Pernetz

Pam Peterson

Jake Posner

Adam Rachwalski

Beth Reilly

Henry Reynolds

Phil Reynolds

The Richards Family

Reagan Romano

Elliott Ross

Elena Jones and Tom Schlader

Sharon and John Schmidt

Karmen and Justin Serbinski

Euginnia and Brodie Seyferth

Slifer, Smith and Frampton on behalf of Hillary and Steve McSpadden

Gretchen Sibley

The Smith Family

Kelley and James Smith

Shawn Smith

Sharon Smitherman

Bob Sonntag

The Soulakis Family

A.M and P.C. Soulakis

Ann Marie and Bill Sutter

Leslie Tabor

Kimberly and Jim Taylor

Violet Tetzeli

The Thompson Family

Carl Thompson

Lucas Urtiga

Amy and David Weiss

Elizabeth and Jerome Wittwer

The Wold Family

The Worrell Family

Kelia Zigich

Bob Zuch

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